Bright System Focus on CRM Implementation
for companies in the following aspects:
360 Degree view of customer
360 Degree view of customer

Salesforce Service Cloud allows service agents to have an in-depth understanding of customers, from purchase history to preference, family members, recent cases etc. This equip service agents with the knowledge to provide the best service to customers.

Case Handling
Case Handling

Service agents can have a single view of all ongoing cases of customers via Salesforce Service Cloud Service Console. Managers can manage case SLA by KPI monitored from Service Cloud’s data. Efficiency of case handling can be enhanced by automation workflows.

Omnichannel Messaging
Omnichannel Messaging

In Salesforce Service Cloud, customer interaction from all channels, including Whatsapp, Facebook, emails, calls, meeting, SMS, Live chat can be responded in a single view with customers 360 and knowledge support as back up. For more, visit (CR for omnichannel)

Asset and Order Management
Asset and Order Management

Salesforce Service Cloud records all orders made by customers as well as the products they own. Products can be related to serial numbers and service contracts.

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TVP ( Funding Technology Voucher Programme) Funding

Salesforce Service Cloud project is covered by HKSAR government’s TVP funding. The fund subsidizes HKD 600,000 of development cost.


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