Generate More Leads
Generate More Leads

Salesforce Sales Cloud helps businesses to improve conversion rates and grow revenue faster

Lead Management
Monitor leads closely from click to close and optimize campaigns across every channel. Therefore businesses can make smarter decisions to invest their marketing budgets.

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Close More Deals
Close More Deals

Revenue is the most important figure for all companies, Salesforce Sales Cloud helps the sales representatives to achieve their goals to become the top performer.

Account and Contact Management
Salesforce Sales Cloud allows sales representatives to have a complete view of customers, including activity history, key contacts, communications and internal discussions. They can also gain insight from such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Opportunity Management
Complete view of all opportunities with insights such as stage, expected revenue, expected close stage, product, competition. Every member in the sales team is interconnected.

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Enhance Productivity
Enhance Productivity

Salesforce Sales Cloud enables sales representatives to close deals anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Sales
Representatives can log calls, respond to hot leads, work opportunities, or check dashboards anywhere with Salesforce mobile app.

Workflow and Approvals
Sales Cloud workflow and approval process allow sales representatives to automate the sales process and boost up efficiency. With a click of a button, they can trigger automations, approve deals and more.

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Powerful Insights
Powerful Insights

Salesforce Sales Cloud turn data into actionable insight that everyone can access from anywhere

Reports and Dashboards
Real time picture of business can be presented by dashboards, and you can easily dig deeper with reports

Sales Forecasting
Get fast, easy, accurate forecasts of your business

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TVP ( Funding Technology Voucher Programme) Funding

Salesforce Sales Cloud project is covered by HKSAR government’s TVP funding. The fund subsidizes HKD 600,000 of development cost.


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