Who is suitable for
Salesforce Account Support?

Companies which have purchased Salesforce licenses

Basic Salesforce Implementation service is finished

Companies without in-house Salesforce admin hired

In-house Salesforce admin cannot handle complicated requests from colleagues

Who is suitable for Salesforce Admin Outsourcing?
Why do companies need Salesforce Account Support?
Clear obstacles of using Salesforce to enhance efficiency of Sales and Operation team
Make sure CRM is fit with current business process
Utilize latest features of Salesforce
(over 400 updates per year)
Greatly reduce the cost of hiring a dedicated Salesforce administrator
Support of Bright System consulting team with comprehensive Salesforce knowledge
What is covered in Salesforce Account Support Service?
Unlimited call and email support(single contact point)
Unlimited call and email support
(single contact point)
Dedicated Account Success Manager
Dedicated Account Success Manager
2 free man day per year for Salesforce amendment
2 free man day per year for Salesforce amendment
1 free Salesforce review per year
2 free Salesforce reviews per year

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